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Libélula Books publishes the Bella's World series of multilingual audiobooks, hardcover books, and animated read-along video books for schools, hospitals, and organizations. Bella's World was designed to inspire young children to learn foreign languages. The soundtracks include strategically placed sound effects and original music to create a movie-like experience that enables listeners to follow the storyline in foreign languages.


Libélula Books' award-winning debut children's audiobook, Bella's Big Hair: A Birthday Adventure, is currently available in English and Portuguese. The Spanish, Italian, and Arabic versions will be released in 2024.

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Libélula Books' children's audiobook series, Bella's World, exposes children to foreign languages and world travel through authentic music, sound effects, and other auditory cues.

Listen to a preview of Bella's Big Hair: A Birthday Adventure


Bella's birthday balloons fly her to China, where she meets a new friend who gives her a magical gift that flies Bella to Brazil and beyond for her birthday adventure.

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"For bulk sales to schools and children's hospitals, please contact us at 313.279.7733 or [email protected].

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